Obviously he was sexually / physically brought to her. During their date, they had a wine tasting. It was interesting to see how comfortable Chuck looked. He was sitting with his legs open, relaxed and having an atmosphere of simplicity and artlessness.

In marked comparison, Kristen was clearly feeling more guarded as she sat cross legged and and was somewhat distant.
Kristen is clearly quite sexual in nature. A fact that appeared to scare Chuck a little bit and made him hit the booze more difficult to try and control his fear.
Kristen tries to not stare at chuck's dick during their nude date. Pic: VH1
She said that she thought his penis is pretty and kept looking down. I found this intriguing as the male organ is rarely described as "pretty," but in a way I also found it rather adorable. She was obviously smitten by Chuck and his pretty penis.
As Camille was getting nude for her date, she mentioned that she was excited. She was still obviously uncomfortable with being naked, but she seemed to be accepting her naked self a bit better the second time around.
On this particular date, she meets Rob, a young man who has the body of someone who clearly spends much time in the fitness center. Camille enjoyed the fact that was "built" and believed he was "super popular."
As Rob was getting nude and preparing to meet his date, he said he believed it would be better to meet naked. He was of the view that clothes are simply materialistic items, and he appeared truly interested in meeting someone and getting to know them for who they're as apposed from what they looked like or what clothes they selected to wear.. He was obviously quite comfortable being nude and said that for him, it was a fun and liberating experience.
Dating Naked is a show that's based on the premise that once clothes are removed, people become less judgmental and more accepting. But Camille quickly dispelled that assumption as she quickly judged him for being formerly participated and the fact he was hotties full naked on the beach . Rob is 22 which made Camille feel a bit uncertain of how viable a relationship with him would be.
Camille also made a remark that looked somewhat judgmental. She said that his dick looks like "a baby's arm holding an apple." (What does that even mean?) She seemed just a tad bit unhappy with that fact. However as the date went on, she appeared to be capable look past the surface, and it looked like she appreciated their time together.
Chuck determined to take full advantages of his new found liberty and show up naked. This made Rob feel a little competitive, like he had to "step it up" a bit. Interestingly enough, when Kristen arrived and saw that Chuck was nude (he was the only one) she giggled, blurting out - "look at you!" She seemed to happen to be taken by surprise by Chuck's nakedness, but at the same time, she also seemed to be quite content about it.
Thank night, Rob and Camille had "dating naked sex", but Kristen determined to play http://modestperson.com/views/today-spent-my-first-time-on-a-nude-beach-today.php with Chuck instead. In her opinion, playing the game would entice him more. I find this approach to be fairly counterproductive and notably in this special setting. Why would someone travel all this way, put themselves out there like that and yet still feel the need to build obstacles But that was her choice and her strategy.
Dating Nude Day 3
On day 3, Chuck feels comfortable getting nude. At this time, becoming or being naked looks like second nature to him - YAY!!!
Michelle was clearly nervous and being naked in public was something that made her feel uncomfortable.
During their date, they were tasked with building a raft. The raft was needed for them to paddle out to your floating barge where they could have some food and beverages while in a secluded setting on the water. Assembling the raft made Michelle feel uncomfortable because there was a lot of bending over involved. She was very concerned and self-conscious about showing Chuck her vagina in this kind of obvious way. Chuck, on the other hand, failed to seem to care about the nakedness and was pretty uninhibited. He was bending over and crouching while assembling his makeshift raft.
As Camille was becoming nude for her third date, she still looked a bit uncomfortable, but was managing it better. She meets Julian, a lithe young man with dreadlocks and tattoos. Being tattooed herself, Camille found him physically appealing. But as the two met and discussed for the first time, Julian was unable to control his excitement and had an erection. Even though he's clearly erect, he acted like nothing isn't right and maintained an extremely suave-like demeanor. It was pretty odd as it's an obviously inept first assembly and an acknowledgement of his excited state appeared warranted.

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